Bra Sizes Are Fucked The Hell Up

I saw on Tumblr a meme where people are reblogging their bra sizes.  

Well, I wear a 36 C. Or a 34 DD.  Or a 32 F.  Or a 34 D.  Or a 32 E.  I mostly wear two bras, a 36C by Wacoal and a 32 DDD by Chantelle.

They basically fit the same.  They offer the same support, but one is a flesh toned smooth bra, and one is black and pink lace.  And they have wildly different sizes.  

I actually hate bra shopping a lot, because it is so freaking hard to find anything that fits well, regardless of size.  I can go to Victoria’s Secret or Macy’s and walk out equally frustrated when nothing seems to fit– and I try a lot of styles when I go bra shopping.  I make it a damned production.  And yet, I still have so much trouble and usually walk out empty-handed.  It would be easy if sizes were even really standardized within a company but due to the mind boggling array of cuts/styles/fits/materials bras come in, it just… doesn’t happen.  And regular stores really only carry bras in a relatively narrow range of styles and sizes.  You want a longform bra for a strapless dress?  Fuck you!  You want a small band size paired with a large cup size?  Fuck you!  You want a longform bra with a small band size and large cup size?  Fuck you A LOT!  And fuck you if your boobs aren’t quite the same size, if your band size is large and your cup size small, if your tits are wider or narrower apart than the current trend, if your nipples tend to point to the sides rather than straight forward, if your boob-flow is more horizontal than vertical, or… gosh, any number of things.

And yet bras are one of the most essential parts of the wardrobe for non-flat ladies.  I have to wear one to walk comfortably.  I have to wear one to look professional at work.  And I have to try the damned things on to make sure they fit.  But no one these days is really interested in selling bras that fit– we’re instead supposed to smash ourselves into bras made to fit an ideal figure that very few women have, and as a result we don’t look or feel our best.  There’s some statistic out there about around 80% of women wearing the wrong sized bra– well, no shit.  Unless you live in a major city with one of those Intimacy stores, you’re screwed.


Pretty lingerie is one of the things I’d love to buy as an indulgence that I wouldn’t even feel guilty about.    But I’m not even given the option, and that’s annoying as hell.