I’ve discovered how to find a job

The secret is to make a resolution that involves not having a job.  I should have realized all along, that if I just made a resolution to be a kick-ass housewife, something would happen to keep me from fulfilling it.

Fortunately, that something is a new job.  I start Tuesday, and I’m both ridiculously excited and nervous.  I’ve been out of the work force for awhile, so I’m basically worried I’ll be terrible at it (hello, impostor effect!  This young lady is QUITE more familiar with you than I need to be!).  I am thrilled, though, because it is a social justice oriented job, and I will be helping people out on a daily basis.


I don’t know why I’m so worried about fucking up at it.  I may not know a lot about how to do the job now, but in theory, neither do most new hires.  I’m inexperienced, but everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m a dedicated and hard worker.


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