My Resolution For The New Year? Be A Better Housewife.

It may seem like an odd idea coming from an angry feminist like myself, but my main resolution for 2012 is to be a better housewife.  Actually, it’s to be a fucking amazing housewife.  My main goal for 2012 is to get a job, but until I do, I want to feel like I’m useful and like I’m contributing to my household– so I’m going to go old fashioned and clean, cook, and organize like no one’s business.  My husband will still manage the bills, as he currently does, but I’m planning to step it up in the domestic sphere, both in general and in a few specific ways… and honestly, the idea of the overarching housewife resolution came out of a number of smaller ones I’d been thinking of. 

1. Empty the sink at the end of the day!  Clean all the dishes in it, and give it its own little swish of cleanliness.

2. Menu plan in advance.  I’m not a bad cook, but I find actual menu planning to be difficult.  We’re a little spontaneous, and Henry likes to eat out, so I’ve bought things in advance before only to have them go bad after we eat out for a few nights in a row.  I also want to expand my cooking skills and try new recipes– I have all these gorgeous cookbooks, and i might as well use them, right?  So it’s a way to do something I enjoy, practice a skill, and contribute.

3. Create a budget.  I don’t know where all of our money is going, so I’m going to try to track expenses for a month or two and find out, and them maybe try to think of a way to save a little.  Right now, we tend to run very close to the line.

4. Clean and tidy the home.  Laundry whenever there’s a large enough load, instead of waiting until we run out of clothes.

5. After budgetting is taken care of, I want to buy another set of sheets and a better duvet for the bed.  Part of the joy of home is in its comfort, right?

6. Dress nicely on a daily basis.  Its truly tragic right now– if I don’t wear home, I generally wear a tank top, jeans, no makeup, and let my hair air dry.  It’s practical, but it isn’t super pretty.


Any other ideas on how to be a better housewife or advice on good, free budgeting programs is much appreciated!


One Comment on “My Resolution For The New Year? Be A Better Housewife.”

  1. philaphilia says:

    I see nothing anti-feminist about domestic comforts — for men or women! All the things you mentioned are on my list of things I would very much like to do better … sadly, they don’t take much precedence these days. But for budgeting, I’ve tried lots and LOTS of free programs, spreadsheets, and so forth, and the only thing so far that’s worked even remotely well for me is Quicken. It’s not free. But oh, it’s soooooo nice. But even without that, I have an ING account as my main banking account (savings and checking), and they have a really sweet website for tracking, bill-paying, scheduling, and saving. For the record, I really hated when the Quicken Online option (the free one) became — half of my credit cards never synced with it, so nothing was ever accurate.

    Good luck, and be sure to put your feet up at the end of the day!

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