An inconsistent sex drive

Sex drive is such a weird thing.  Yesterday evening, my husband went to initiate sex with me, but I just wasn’t in the mood at all, and couldn’t get in the mood enough to do it.  Today, I was so impatient, trying to wait until he was finished with something so that I could come on to him.  And it was greeeeaaaat, except I got him a little too excited and it didn’t last as long as I’d have liked.  But somedays I want it to be a quickie.  Sometimes I like to be on top, sometimes I like him on top.  Sometimes I like it to be rough and violent, sometimes I like it to be sweet and sensitive and tender.


I can’t ever give a meaningful description of my sex drive, because I don’t want it everyday, but the days I do want it I tend to want plenty of repeats.  And I can’t say what kind of sex I like best, because it’s so very tied to my mood at that moment.


If I had to pick, I’d say that my favorite is a modified missionary, with my legs up in the air.  But I also love cowgirl style.  And sometimes I like being bent over.  And I like spooning and cuddle sex.


This all leads me to another thought– if sexual interest and sex preferences can vary so much in one person, how can anyone try to generalize sex preferences for an entire gender?  And yet, I’m always reading “women like x” in regards to sex and men.


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